Mudit’s Mission to Rwanda

In a world where almost everyone is looking inwards, finding ways to just survive this hectic life. In a world where each of us is rushing around doing everything that has to be done and then only being able to do the bare minimum. We cannot seem to find the time to worry about anything but our personal worlds. I do not want to call us a selfish society… but that is what we seem to have become. We are stressed out, crabby and so tightly wound up that we could snap at any second. We crave our vacation time and it is all about giving ourselves a break and don’t get me wrong, we deserve the time off. We need to unwind and patch the frayed, broken parts of our psyche. But tell me; how many of us feel we need a vacation, after our vacations? In the middle of all that packing, running around and sightseeing, do we actually take the time to breathe and heal our hearts and our souls?

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