The Ride of a Lifetime…

Wow! It’s March already! I remember the Last day of last year and I do remember the First of this one… but the rest is a blur. Maybe it was the constant falling of snowflakes that clouded my vision… or just maybe I got swept along by a speeding Bullet Train and I’m hanging on for dear life.

The latter seems more like it. Because I realize that I have my eyes tightly shut, my heart is pounding in my ears and I dare not open my mouth to scream, lest a bug inadvertently flies in. So I’m screaming in my head. You can just imagine the cacophony, can’t you? Even though I’m moving at the speed of light, I feel like I’m frozen in time. My brain can’t seem to make sense of anything and it’s shut itself down.

To you my rant may seem very cryptic… but to me it’s like a therapy session. I’m lying on the proverbial couch and you are all my therapists. It feels good to say it out loud that I’m scared, that I’m tired and that I’m oh so overwhelmed that I’ve completely lost track of my life. Suddenly it makes perfect sense to me, of course I’ve lost track, and I’m completely at the mercy of this Bullet Train.

So here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to wait for my chance. This train has to slow down at some point or maybe one of you will see me clinging on and pull the emergency break. Then I’m going to peal myself off and board this same crazy train. Find myself a window seat and ENJOY THE RIDE.

The Ride

The Ride

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    Hope train slows down to your speed so you can board the train and get the window seat and the conductor says “All Aboard”
    This reminds me of 🙂

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