Ode to Shane

My world was small

So dark, so gray

Until you came

In it to stay

You made me smile

You made me cry

Such tears of Joy

My little boy


I held your hand

You took a step

And my world grew

Because of you

Your little laugh

Your eyes so bright

You filled my world

With such delight


My heart is full

It knows no bounds

I want to spread

Some joy around

If I could help

A wish come true

Touch someone’s life

A spark renew


I’ll do my best

I’ll find a way

To make a difference

In the world today

For you deserve

A world that’s good

That’s kind and safe

To grow, to play


Each day goes by

Each day you grow

You make me proud

That you I know

You share your joy

With everyone

You are amazing

My little son


Let’s take a step

And spread some cheer

At this bleak time

Both far and near

Let’s change the world

We’ll share our joy

Let’s do our bit

My darling boy


You’ve touched my life

You’ve changed my heart

You’ve helped me make

A brand new start

Someday I know

You’ll be all grown

And you’ll step out

Into the great unknown


I hope you find

Your joy, your way

And peace within

Your every day



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  1. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem. Let it be so…

  2. I actually question the reason why you labeled this particular posting, “Ode to Shane | About
    Something Good :-)”. No matter what I personally loved the blog!

    • Hi Harlan, It’s just called Ode to Shane. I guess the website tags itself to the link… I’ll check into it. And Thank you for reading my post and loving it enough to share a comment with me. Have a wonderful day! – Andrea.

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