My not so Teenage Crush

Adam Levine - ASG - Not so Teenage Crush

I have not had a crush on a musician for years, not since Morten Harket when I was a teenager.  That is not until Adam Levine!

When his band, Maroon 5, came out in 2002 with “Harder to Breathe” and then later with “She will be loved”; I liked the songs, happily singing along to the radio but that was it.  Seeing him again recently on “The Voice” and songs like “Moves Like Jagger” and “One More Night”, has catapulted Adam Levine into my orbit.  Suddenly there is a new star on my horizon.

I’m transported back to my teenage years, wanting to put up posters on my bedroom wall, and decorate them with hearts and initials.  But I don’t think my husband would be too happy, and my kids would be confused.

When we were kids, we could have multiple crushes at the same time.  Unfortunately,  I realize I am long past the teenage stage!  Don’t worry, my husband is aware of this crush of mine.  He grins at me.  He knows he doesn’t need to worry, mostly because even though Adam Levine may be in my orbit, he is still light years away.  Should I be admitting all this??  Well … I just thought I’d come clean and tell you about how, when I hear him on the radio, my heart gives a little skip, and I imagine he’s singing only to me.  Okay…enough said.

Funny thing is he (Adam) is not my type at all … the whole “bad” guy thing and those tattoos normally does nothing for me.  I am also not all that attracted to facial hair (Adam again), that scruffy look never appealed to me; so this has me baffled.  I am normally a sucker for the sad puppy dog eyes type (Mark Ruffalo) but even there, it is the mommy in me who takes over making me want to step in and make everything better.  My husband says I have what I think is “my type” totally wrong.  When it comes down to it, he (Shekhar – no puppy dog eyes there) is definitely my type.  After all the attraction that began almost 20 years ago… is still very much there!

So now for the big, big question.  Could this be my mid-life crisis???  Adam Levine!!!  Ha-ha.  No fast cars for me, or going blonde, not even contemplation of a makeover (though I could really use one).  It could be.  I guess I can live with it … and Shekhar can too. 😀

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  1. Hi Andy,
    I simply love reading your articles. The way you put everything together is so simple and ye realistic and funny. I have to confess I share your “crush” for Adam Levine. In my opinion, there is no age barrier for liking someone -seeing him live in his concert made me love all his songs all over again. For some reason, I thought he was singing only for me 😉
    Keep writing and sharing.

  2. For months we have been crushing together on Adam Levine, but after reading your blog I am going to graciously step back and let you have him, my friend!!
    There is no harm at looking at the menu, you just cannot order. Enjoy!!!!!

  3. Loved your candor in this article. Is the crush still alive and blossoming ? :))

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